Top Tips for Acing Your Practical Driving Test


Are you preparing for your practical driving test? Just like A-levels and university exams, one in five drivers says they revise the same amount of time for their Theory Test and Practical Driving Test. But don't worry, we're here to make it easier for you with our top tips to help you ace the big day:

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Leverage Online Resources

Did you know that people in the UK spent around 27.18 hours per month on TikTok last year? Why not put that scrolling time to good use? Online platforms like YouTube and TikTok have become incredibly popular in the world of driving since lockdown. They offer unlimited content on Theory and Practical Driving Tests, allowing you to revise and practice whenever you like, not just in your lessons. Simply search 'learning to drive' and you'll find endless instructors doing mock exams, roundabout demonstrations, steering and pedal basics, and so much more.

Focus on the Road

It might be tempting to sneak a peek at what the examiner is doing, but it could do more harm than good. Looking down or away from the road can cause you to lose control of the vehicle, resulting in a fault in your test. Keep your eyes forward, on the road, and on your mirrors. Don't worry about what the examiner is doing.

Drive Dojo Driving School
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Don't Fear the Examiner It's normal to feel nervous, but don't let fear of the examiner make things worse. If you mishear, misunderstand or simply have a question about what they’ve told you, ask them to repeat or to help. Examiners want you to pass and will do what they can to help you.

Use a Driving App: Our Driving Theory Test 4 in 1 app has a Practical Driving Test feature too. The Learning to Drive subscription offers over six hours of virtual driving lessons, hundreds of step-by-step training videos, driving routines and manoeuvres that you can study before and after your lessons to help cement that information in!

Practice as a Passenger: Being a passenger is the perfect opportunity for you to watch qualified drivers driving. Watch when they change gear, when they check their mirrors, ask them questions, look at road signs and ask what they mean. The more you are surrounding yourself in that environment, the easier it will be to pick things up and apply them in your lessons.